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What is Buskberry Grove? 

Through working with a selection of buskers, a few things were highlighted to me. It came to my understanding that besides having a licence to perform in public places, the scene functioned on respect, appreciation and comradery. This is evident in the way buskers ensure that they do not overstay their welcome on each patch subsequently encroaching on the performance time of their fellow awaiting artist. They had rules – do’s and don’ts and adhered to them. The artists were always complimentary towards each other. As the cold winter evenings came in, they will buy themselves teas and coffees whenever they had the opportunity.

My experience with the buskers was both entertaining and very informative. I acquired a lot of knowledge about the busking scene. The experience made an impact on me. The spirit, energy and passion shown by the street artists I worked with, was truly commendable. I felt a strong sense of community. This feeling and new understanding compelled me to brand the scene and make the scene much more visible and up-to-date. I chose to call the great busking community, Buskberry Grove.

Chuck Iroegbu - UK Film Director - Buskberry Grove

Chuck Iroegbu – UK Film Director – Buskberry Grove

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